sugar dream

I never had a favorite candy. Until now. These things are DELISH. And I can only find them at a certain Exxon in Draper, Utah. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

This brings me to an important question. Doing a little market research. Please tell me in the comments about a candy you love but that you have a hard time finding. Another one of mine would be the Australian concoction Violet Crumble. And… go.


9 responses to “sugar dream

  1. I like Licorice Mix made by Sweets, right in the SLC, and I can find it in maybe two stores. Yes, I could go to Sweets and buy a case, but that would go badly as I would then have to eat it. All. Alone, in my car.

  2. wow, i’m going to have to keep it short or else the list would go on forever. but since moving across the pond i seem to always crave red vines (i recently got about six packages from a friend returning from slc so it’s not too bad right now). and last year i had my mom express mail me chewy spree. and taffy. oh, lovely, lovely taffy. and really soft milk duds…

  3. Hey, I have a random question for you… Where would you suggest to go to find cute fabrics in Utah county or SLC? You seem like you would be one to know 🙂 I just need a little fabric for a pin board I’m making for Ava’s room, but I want to find something really cute.

  4. Sorry my comment above had nothing to do with candy 😉 I don’t know of any cool candies…

  5. Crispy M&M’s. Are these even made anymore? Pico Balla. These are a type of German gummy that’s goodness is comparative to the genius of Bob Ross.

  6. I’m addicted to peanut m&m’s but you can get those anywhere….what I can’t find always are Razzles – the candy that turns into gum! amazing.

  7. violet crumbles are about the best thing invented!i will be around your hood soon if you want me to bring you something like…half a dozen?

  8. OK. So I love these one black licorice thingies that are like a tube of licorice with fluffy apricot center. My mother-in-law used to get them for me all the time from this Harmon’s in Sandy, UT but they stopped selling them. I have searched online for them and didn’t find the exact ones. So, what is a violet crumble?

  9. kinder eggs with a little toy in ’em!

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