Tele Pleasure Wednesday

In an effort to be consistent, we’ll continue with guilty pleasures. Today’s topic: Wednesday night television. First off, Project Runway is back, yo! Glory, glory. I was starting to get nervous when the first few freaky deaky wackos started walking in. Suede? Stella? Blayne? Where did you come from? Then suddenly, a throng of young girls with great style. I have high hopes for Jennifer, Kenley, Leanne, and Emily. Not so high hopes for the judges’ decision-making. Granted Jerry is uptight and his outfit was no good, but at least he made something. Plus, everyone knows trash bags trump shower curtain. Ugh. Stella and her bad nose job should have been the obvious out. [EDIT: Jerry agrees. See him defend his multiple piece, patterned look against the whipstitched trash sack here.]

And though Kelli‘s dyed vacuum bags were incredible, the coffee filter top was questionable. That weakness, plus the the fact that the grocery store challenge is all about innovation, is why I think Daniel’s plastic cup dress should have won. He has probably been premeditating that since he watched the 1st grocery challenge on season 1 ep 1.

And of course, Wednesday means SYTYCD. Um, I am obsessed with Mark. In my obsessing, I came across Mark’s own Youtube channel where you can see him and his homies in Hawaii dance his own choreography to the likes of Gwen, M.I.A., Bjork, and Lady Sov. It’s impressive, but also makes apparent how much he has progressed to this point. Also, SYTYCD tour dates are announced and there is finally a stop in SLC! Mark Kanemura, if you google yourself and come across this, please consider the boring night you will be having on the Salt Lake City stop of the tour, and email me. I will show you Saltvegas. And get you into the movies. As in, on the screen, not like, sneak you in.

2 responses to “Tele Pleasure Wednesday

  1. I think the cup dress should have DEFINITELY won! I loved the design of the vacuum bags but hated the coffee filters. Why didn’t she use the same fabric for the top as well? would have looked so much better. I actually really liked the yellow kimono with veggies dress too. I thought the leather girl {name?} shoulda gotten the boot. SO HAPPY IT’S BACK ON!!!!! can’t get enough

  2. Thank heaven Mark didn’t get booted lastnight! Who’s you prediction for the winner of Project Runway??

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