So much to talk about. Like how I:

was in the Herald Journal last week. They talked about my new shop.

am opening up a fabric shop called Suppose mit meine mutti, btw.

went to the state fair. Fried stuff, freaks, 4-H, and the Zipper.

am being featured in some Etsy newsletter this week.

But the blog hiatus goes on as I am at this moment in the car on to way to Cabin! See you next week, bitches.


4 responses to “

  1. do friends get hook ups with that new shop of yours. this could be dangerous.

  2. fried stuff… I so wanted a deep fried twinkie. (Is that a heart attack waiting to happen or what!?!) Still wanted one.

  3. you make me laugh.awesome about your shop. do tell more when you can.

  4. So – where’s the shop located and when will it open? How exciting!

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