Last week at this time I was readying myself to see this.

Mark Nakemura, why aren’t we friends? Maybe you’re gay with Thayne and don’t want to date me, but I still want to hang out.

Jerusha treated us girls to a VIP box & delicious spread at the SLC stop of the So You Think You Can Dance tour. Just in case you’ve never seen the show and weren’t sure, you should be jealous. It inspired us to put on our own dance competition. We’ll choreograph dances for each other then perform them for each other and then give each other prizes. Who’s in?


edit: blogger took down this previous post, probably cause there was a duffy track. so whatever, here is it again without music, and with jory’s appreciated comment:

Ok, so I do not watch SYTYCD — haven’t ever caught a single episode. But when you said that thing about Thayne, I was like… wait a minute.

Back in 2002, Jac and I shot some pics for this dance studio in SLC, and one of the guys we shot, and that I later worked on an illustration for, was named Thayne. So I Just looked it up and it’s totally the same guy.

The illustration is here. (The studio name is made up, as is the show name — this was just spec. work.)



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