I have been staring at fabric online all day. (More to come on that.) Did you know that there is a line of Project Runway fabric? The more I look at the body forms one the more I like it, but the rest I’m not so sure about. I mean it’s cool they exist, but I probably wouldn’t use them.

But I am kinda into these tree prints.

Can’t wait for the runway shows! I have been careful to stay away from Project Runway spoilers while perusing Fashion Week. ps. Isn’t Kenley a bitch?


3 responses to “projorowo

  1. Kenley = the bitchiest bitch ever. I am pulling for Leanne, dangit!

  2. re ps: Yes! She’s the biggest meanieBut I still love her style…

  3. kenley needs to go. i love her dresses, but she has way too much tude. she makes me want to hit her through the tv

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