Finally recovered from Houston. Let’s review.

We met some amazing people, many of them some of our favorite fabric and pattern designers like Anna Maria Horner, Sandy Klop, and Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S. And Jay McCarroll. What? Yes, the winner of season 1 of Project Runway was at Market to show off his new lines of quilting fabric. Jay and I were maybe the youngest people at Market (quilters are on average like 30 years older than me) so I think we had a special bond. We had a chance to visit every day of the show and you’d better believe I will be sending him photos of what we concoct out of his fabric.

me and jay mccarrolll

I’ll save more details for our shop blog when our website is up and it’s time for the fabric to come. But here’s a peek at something he made to show off his fabrics.

wonky eyed bunnies

I have to say, Jay is such a lovely person. Full of compliments and stories and quips. On the first day the booths were open, he was sitting at his booth watching some Japanese industry people wander around. Thinking his designs would appeal to the Japanese aesthetic (they totally would) he started shouting “kawaii! kawaii!” which of course we know means “cute” thanks to Gwen Stefani, in hopes they would hear and want to come over and see what was so cute and discover his fabric and want to buy it all. This wasn’t just once, he kept at it, but I think the Japenese group just wandered away. I also got his opinion on recent PR winners: he likes Leann but not Christian. I could go on gushing but I’ll spare you a recount of every single conversation.

I’m also really excited about Anna Maria’s new line shown here in frames:

good folks

You’ll be able to get all these things in our online shop when they come out, by the way. We were pretty much giddy and exhausted the entire trip. We picked out a bunch of new fabric for the shop that will come next year, saw Kings of Leon, the wildest fashion show, and some quite interesting accessorizing, and had a heyday picking out vintage trims and buttons from someone named Dusty.


The International Quilt Festival happened right after Market where there were endless exhibits of quilts. I quite liked this one.

painted quilt

There’s more but I’m worn out all over again.


4 responses to “Finally recovered from Houston. Let’s review.

  1. I AM SO JEALOUSnext year can i come with you? i could be your intern- give you water when you are dehydrated after drooling over such lovelies and rub your feet after a hard day walking? pleaseeeeeeee.

  2. I can’t wait to see your store website!

  3. How cool! Your store will be awesome. I can’t wait to come visit. Yes, I want to come visit. =)

  4. Jealous! I wish you had gushed more on the stories of you and Jay, that’s so cool! You look gorgeous in that picture btw. I have a big ugly empty wall in my house, and that frame idea has inspired me! I’ll have to wait until I can afford it, which is perfect cause then I can get the fabric from your store 😉

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