There was an hour from landing in SLC from Houston to when Dirk’s Halloween party started. I had no plan for a costume. So Erica and I whipped up a little Rachel Zoe! She had a wig handy, I rummaged the closet for a fur, and she used a Hannah Montana wig to be my assistant Taylor. She wore the Ray-Bans indoors and went around all night yelling about Brad’s incompetence.

dirk/vincent, jo/rachel dwight, angela, rachel, taylor

Of course Dirk was Vincent Price cause it meant he got to carry a crow on his shoulder all night. Or was it a raven? Phillip and Laura made a lovely Dwight and Angela.

rayla on a stick

If you put finger over the flash it makes for a nice bloody colored photo of Madame Rayla telling fortunes. Ashley and Sara’s costumes made us all want fresh corn dogs real bad.

One response to “Halloweenie

  1. Those are great costumes! (Especially with your last minute throw-together!) I love the Dwight and Angela couple. Classic!

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