the reason

I’m a bad blogger these weeks is because I’ve been spending my busy days here.

boxing kickboxing

Those are just some of the boxes that are filling up my mom’s house. Boxes full of our fabric and books and patterns that will be moved to the store very soon. Boxes that will not be moved to my mom’s new house this Saturday. Those boxes are in all the other rooms. We are crazy. Opening a store and moving into the house that was 5 years in the making, all in one week.


That’s just some of our Kaffe Fasset fabric. They are all in our web shop now. But I can’t tell you where to find that web shop yet. Not till it’s finished. Wait in suspense, you.

If I’m not unpacking fabric or packing the house, I am probably hanging out with my little monkey niece.

learning early

She has already shown a propensity toward Kaffe’s “lovely fabarics.” Man I am obsessed with her.


8 responses to “the reason

  1. Not gonna lie, I was a little … <>concerned<> when I saw the title of this post. But I am so excited now! It looks like its gonna be amazing!

  2. The living room looks so . . . redecorated! Kind of a monochromatic, boxy effect. Very powerful! There is so much excitement in your life right now. Good luck over the next week! I wish I could be there to help!

  3. The excitement continues to build! Good luck you two, I can’t wait to see the web store!

  4. I’m so excited for you store and website! Im gonna need to take a road trip to idaho soon. Your niece is a doll!

  5. Look at all that pretty fabric!Sounds like you are way busy. I’m excited to see the store!!

  6. Mike and Shelby

    I am thrilled you are actually going through with this! Horray! It will be a success, I am sure! Good luck.

  7. Hey Joamber’s sister ashley here,So you niece is so stinkin cute! And that is exciting news about your store. You are one busy lady.

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