Sometimes I think I should have an anonymous blog for all the good gossip I get. I have to restrain myself often. But I can’t not mention this one.

So, I have this amazing stylist. Turns out Alexis Bledel practically stalked him at Sundance and now they’re dating. And on their first date they smoked weed with Wyclef. I mean, they steamed in the sauna with Wyclef. I can’t even handle this.


4 responses to “

  1. Mike and Shelby

    oh, I think you should start that anonymous blog! Do tell all the juicy stories! How are you so connected?!?!

  2. Who would’ve thought that little Rory Gilmore…Jo! How are you?!

  3. I love Rory. If you start the anon blog, make sure to tell me when you do!

  4. well, I wonder if your stylist also likes to tell a good story…! I think you were the cutest one at Sundance!

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