guys, i’m 12

just in case you couldn’t tell that i get obsessed with things like a handi tween, i do.

that’s why it’s taken me 2 weeks to tell you about how i met victoria legrand. of beach house. what happened is she pretty much told me my fortune “Jo. That’s a strong name. I can tell you’re a powerful person in your universe. You tell people what to do. Your friends think you’re funny… You are the best part of the day.” what? yeah. and then we took this,

and then she said, “I look at your face and that’s just how I feel… that you’re the best part of the day.” and i couldn’t even talk back to her.  vic also loves my cute cousin kelsey. she loves the young uns.

as if i needed to be MORE obsessed with beach house.

btw, v legrand’s got some important style tips as well:
1. amass an impressive collection of double breasted blazers, preferably in black, white, and black & white (also see above).
1b. share them with shy guitar players. (there is one i know for sure they both wear.)
2. grow you hair longer and curlier and bigger and never cut it, except for that secret shaved part underneath it all like when you were in junior high.
2b. flail it around a lot.

for the record, i will totally say that teen dream is the best album of the last 3 years.

ps. jay-z & beyonce love beach house too.


2 responses to “guys, i’m 12

  1. yessss. favorite.

  2. I think about her hair every day.

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