oh, that i were nerd enough to have written it

for the last two months, this has been the first tab open in my firefox with the intention of blogging it. it was going to be something clever about how the dissertation of an article on Pitchfork synthesized all recent topics of conversation:

  • vampire weekend’s legal problems re: their album cover
  • vintage photos on everyone’s albums, e.g. summer camp
  • hipstamatic, et al.
  • some other stuff
  • and basically how old/found photos as album covers is the visual representation of the analog/diy movement and how we’re all so conflicted about our simultaneous love for facebook/desire to listen to vinyl and take polaroids all day.

it’s like when you’re in school and suddenly everything you’re learning in all your completely different classes start to intersect and the whole world makes sense for a minute.


One response to “oh, that i were nerd enough to have written it

  1. Umm love this. And that article is super interesting too. What a strange world we live in.
    But seriously, all the polaroid-type almost eerie album covers captivate me. I want to know what they mean….

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