oh yeah, 2010

i was feeling the pressure for a best of 2010 list in order for this to feel like a proper blog again. except my top albums list might just be all the stuff you’ve already read about but without half the ones that you’d be mad at me for omitting. (uh, haven’t even really given ariel pink’s or the national a listen, for example.) but in a moment of legitimately thinking this over, i decided the best albums of 2010 weren’t albums. they were eps. so there! i say i say:

more than milk’s top ep’s of 2010
be warned: “ep” may be interpreted loosely and foreign releases count.
download the choice tracks of each ep together here or one at a time…

9. Solitary Bizness EP by Tahiti 80
Does these guys ever get depressed? I’d really like to know because it seems pretty impossible so far.
choicest track…
mp3: Tahiti 80 – Keys to the City

8. Heaven’s on Fire by The Radio Dept.
The first of three Swedes on this list. Might I be biased? Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere probably would have been better if she’d included some Radio Dept. on the soundtrack, but that’s a whole other post.
choicest track…
mp3: The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s on Fire

7. everything in 2010 by Lo-Fi-Fnk
Pure Swedish happy energy always wins out. This is cheating but 3+ new songs this year pretty much equals an ep to me. I don’t see a day when they won’t deserve a spot on a list.
choicest track…
mp3: Lo-Fi-Fnk – Sleepless

6. All Delighted People EP by Sufjan Stevens
Even in his silver pants, Sufjan is still a god. A recent debate: how self-aware is he about his dance moves? (my vote: he totally get’s it and they’re bad enough to be so good–they feel so very Leslie & the Lys.) Anyway, the Paul Simon allusion here (hear the “Sounds of Silence” lyrics) is a brilliant marriage of the two goddiest of folky guys.
choicest track…
mp3: Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People (original)

5. Dust it Off by The Dø
These Frenchies killed my anxiety that their brilliant 2008 album “Mouthful” was just a fluke. Olivia’s voice is still like an wild little cat and the new album “Slippery Slope” will definitely a contender for best of 2011.
choicest track…
mp3: The Dø – Too Insistent
It’ll make you go all emo and listen to it on repeat.

4. Young by Summer Camp
This represents the musical zeitgeist of 2010 to me, with the found vintage photo cover, reverb galore, straightforward structure, teen diary style lyrics, and sunny vibes.
choicest track…
mp3: Summer Camp – Jake Ryan
You really could slip this into Sixteen Candles and it’d be right at home.

3. Zebra EP by Beach House
I’ll just say, Beach House’s Teen Dream would have won my album of the year, which I had known before 2010 even started. In 2011 look forward to me trying to steal a lock of Victoria Legrand’s hair for it’s powers.
choicest track…
mp3: Beach House – The Arrangement

2. Body Talk Pt. 1 by Robyn
Robyn calls this an album but we all know the truth. Anything less than 10 tracks and anything more than a single plus remix is really an ep, right? Body Talk Pts. 2 & 3 could be on this list too but Pt. 1 just had more killers.
choicest track just b/c it’s sooo robyn…
mp3: Robyn – Fembot

1. A Swedish Love Story by Owen Pallett
Someone tell me how Owen Pallett is not the most genius violinist alive or dead. A glorious release all on it’s own; that it immediately followed up his best album to date, Heartland, makes it even more so.
choicest track…
mp3: Owen Pallett – Don’t Stop

enjoy the sampling and if you’re lucky a mix of my most listened to songs of the year might show up eventually.  and happy 2011!


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