thanks 2010, for renewing my faith in wasting a ridiculous amount of time and money on music

2010 doesn’t feel finished without some sort of “most heard songs in 2010 mix.” after all, i am one to get fixated and put em on repeat, and the year is defined in those moods. so here.

you might notice a bit of a bias toward:
what i can love that old people also might not hate (half of my listening is done in my shop)
bands with boys i have crushes on
not minding if something wasn’t released in 2010
cee lo

and now, in alphabetical order, more than milk’s most heard songs in 2010:
(download the whole mix here)

1901 (L’Aiglon Remix) – Phoenix
because it’s nice to remember you love phoenix
10 Mile Stereo – Beach House
because you have to fall asleep to something
Alley Cats – Hot Chip
because dance music can still be tender
Artsy Remix – EdIT
because it’s like you’ve heard it before
Atlas (The Time and Space Remix) – Fanfarlo
because someone soundtracking twilight really knows what they’re doing
Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson & The Business INTL
because you just can’t help it
Best Friend – The Drums
because easy music can be good too
Blue Blood Blues – The Dead Weather
because jack white 4eva
Boyfriend – Best Coast
because they’d make real good girlfriends for the drums
Brackett, W9 – Bon Iver
because gahhh
Buffalo – The Phoenix Foundation
because new zealanders make music too
Chacerera – Jenny & Johnny
because jenny lewis still writes about depression the best
Crash Years – The New Pornographers
because i secretly hope an old lady will ask me who’s playing
Cry Baby – Cee Lo Green
because nobody makes breakup songs like this anymore
Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
because james murphy knows the proper arc of a dance song. make it break!
Dream About Changing – Sally Seltmann
because aw she’s shy
Dreamin’ – Feldberg
because what is up with her voice?
Excuses – Morning Benders
because of nerds and despite reese’s commercials
Faded High – Gayngs
because Justin Vernon should start 5 more bands
Faker – Miike Snow
because everyone’s a faker
Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
because i still don’t understand how ima robot became this
I Can Talk (Moulinex Remix)
because more remixes!
I Think UR A Contra – Vampire Weekend
because they’ll never play it live since it’s the 13 yr old’s least favorite
Islands – The XX
because it makes your brain feel goooood
Just Dial My Number – Jeremy Jay
because we always need more music safe for the general public
Kitty Cat – Jim Noir
because it’s like sesame street 1979
Lewis Takes Action – Owen Pallett
because if i was an orchestra teacher i’d make the kids play this
Love Me – Justin Bieber
because just try it! you’ll like it. the cardigans better get good checks for this
Madder Red – Yeasayer
because we sung this in the car. a lot.
Marchin In – Lo-Fi-Fnk
because LFF official leak day is like Christmas
Marrow – St. Vincent
because it’s pretty AND creepy
Maybe so, Maybe no – Mayer Hawthorne
because hello, boyfriend
Modern Man – Arcade Fire
because i couldn’t choose all 16
Night by Night – Chromeo
because hello, other boyfriend
No Dice – Beirut
because it should probably go in my movie
None of Dem – Robyn ft. Röyksopp
because of scandinavians
Odessa – Caribou
because i never got further than track 1
On Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz
because they still got it
ONE – Yeasayer
because this video was on repeat for abt 2 months
Open Up The Sky – Shy Child
because, oh i give up
Pyromilitia – Theophilus London
because he snagged ezra koenig just right
Qui Est Cette Fille? – Yelle
because my french girl pop idol covering my swedish girl pop idol is what?!?
Roslyn – Bon Iver & St. Vincent
because it killlls
Satisfied – Cee Lo Green
because for this his daughter probably did deserve that super sweet 16
Shyness – Thieves Like Us
because had to make it a theme
Solo – Chew Lips
because something about it hurts your ears but you like it
Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)
because I CAN’T STOP
Take It Easy – Surfer Blood
because faux surfer music became so not lame
Temazcal – Monsters of Folk
because of jess who, thank goodness, reminds me about stuff like this
Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
because someone had to listen to this every single time he brushed his teeth
Throwing Stones – Shout Out Louds
because we haven’t reached our swedish quota
Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
because i’m pretty ok with sufjan’s use of technology
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Mix) – Grizzly Bear
because it can make everything all better
We Don’t Want Your Body – Stars
because you can giggle secretly
What Part of Forever – Cee Lo Green
because you’ll cry. and at least this one came from a different album than his rest
World Sick – Broken Social Scene
because i’ll forgive them for making me forget i ever saw them live

thanks, 2010, for making me feel like i loved music enough to keep more than milk alive.


One response to “thanks 2010, for renewing my faith in wasting a ridiculous amount of time and money on music

  1. damn woman… we have lots of the same favs.

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