through the night

been using Cut Copy‘s new album Zonoscope like a drug these last few days.

and now my most favoritest dj has gotten his hands on them:
Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Mylo Remix)

speaking of mylo, excuse me? howabout this for making you wish his next album would be out asap.
Robyn – Don’t F*ing Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)


3 responses to “through the night

  1. i stalk you, fairly regularly. but only because i think you’re cool and i miss you. i love this album, ps. and i hope you’re coming to arizona so i can take you and schmosie out for proper mexican food and possibly also some sunshine. xo

  2. lo lo plz come up soon! i think only ma & pa are going to az. 😦 but i have the most awesome thing for you and andy. ps he’d better watch out or i will kidnap you and make you stay with me when he has korean internship.

  3. i’ll convince Andy to whisk me away for a weekend very soon… because a, i miss you guys and b, i have a suppose gift certificate that is burning a hole in my day planner and i need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Jo wait. you should come to core-reeeeee-ahhhhh! we can teach English and quilt and go fabric shopping every day. this may be one of my better ideas. i’m 100% not joking around here.

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