stuff i did

went to this.

 it’s enough to make you shave half your head like a fan girl.

watched this.

someone told me to but who was it? i can’t remember, but thanks anyway, and call me so we can talk about it. i’m a sucker for the repressed dramatics of british period tv. plus, it’s set in 1912 which makes for amazing costumes compared to all those tired regency gowns.

listened to this.

and got sad. i always thought james murphy just looked like an unassuming dad, and that’s how i came to think of him–the elder voice of reason for a musical generation. don’t laugh.
also i can’t imagine all he’s gonna do now is dj. speculation?
btw there was a little twin peaks theme going on there at the end of the show, which reminds me. i need a designer to collaborate on a twin peaks themed embroidery project…

and there’s this.
lcd soundsystem – live alone (franz ferdinand cover)

and for a little variation…
made this.

named him jaime elefante at amy’s suggestion. made with fabric from the parisville collection by tula pink. obsessed.

guess that’s enough for now.


2 responses to “stuff i did

  1. I’m not a designer, but if you need a consultant (or buyer) for your Twin Peaks project, I’m your guy. I hope it’s a smoked cheese pig!

  2. I love your random posts, Jo. I gotta check out the British show. Oh, and I love that elephant!! How is anyone so stinkin’ talented?!? Quilts are enough, but stuffed animals too? Your talent makes me sick (in a good way).

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