two-headed bird, one stone

at once this blog post will serve as a response to a fb message as well as the fulfillment of a promise. both were to the same person so not quite two birds.

after nearly 13 months, the first post back must of course be about what i’ve been listening to. here goes.

  • some obvious things like the new grizzly bear album, shields.
  • the generationals’ actor-caster. solid in its entirety and i have not been able to get “yours forever” out of my head.
  • new stars album, the north. “hold on when you get love and let go when you give it” and “do you want to die together” are everything i love about the stars.
  • new best coast album, the only place. back to the surf-rock thing of 2 summers ago with the super simple songs and silly lyrics (like REALLY. “we have fun, we have fun, we have fun when we please.”). i assume it’s all self-conscious but either way i’m totally fine with it.  this time at least the recording is better, and bethany’s voice sounds more confident but it might just be less reverb. who knows. one fave: “why i cry.”
  • electric guests’ mondo which is not just a novelty album from the brother of a comedy celebrity, but could actually be enough to make me brave the ridiculousness of the urban lounge to see them play in a few weeks. lead singer asa taccone is brother to the lonely island’s jorma, and is an adorable dancer as seen here, which is how i learned about them in the first place thanks to libbie linton

of course this is only a tiny fraction of my listening time, the hours i have logged on stitcher is embarrassing. hey, i hear a podcast post coming!


2 responses to “two-headed bird, one stone

  1. best response to a fbook message ever. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

  2. also, i’m pretty sure you just referred to me as a two-headed bird. i would venture to say that i’m more of a two-headed bird with a tendency to nag.

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