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i started reading the book thief last night, in one of those real tired but kind of lucid and impressionable states. so it really got me when he talked about experiencing everything through color. sometimes i feel like color is all my world is, and sometimes i wish my world was even more just color. then today i came across this site that does photo searches by color. 

i could play with that forever. to get it just right, you also have to be listening to the new patrick wolf album, lupercalia, while you play with the colors.

i was not expecting it to be this good. i don’t have the energy anymore to ever say why something is good. just that it is. and you should just trust me.

also also you can read the blog i do have energy for (cause it’s my livelihood) at suppose.


black light dinner party

i want to join your cult from the future

Whoever, if not just the band themselves, styled this photo of Architecture in Helsinki, they sure made me ready to run away and live in basement where these guys tell me stories from the future all night long.

especially if we get to listen to them play too. the new single from their upcoming album is my latest obsession. it defies the dregs of winter out there and makes me ready for spring.

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High

girls who like to layer lace over lace

are the type who say Beach House’ Teen Dream is the best album of the year, according to my so-far favorite top albums of the year list at Flavorpill, which is good because I don’t want to have to do acid.

other stereotyping by top albums…

Yeasayer, Odd Blood
Folks who wish they went to Woodstock, figure doing acid is the next best thing.

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
People who, when you ask them whether they liked a movie or not, say, “Well, um, what did you think of it?”

M.I.A., Maya
People who won’t stop telling you shit you already know about WikiLeaks.


this band’s album cover is pretty sweet

and i really want to make a quilt that looks like that.

but as it turns out, they are not so great to listen to.

every post here could be called, “i’m obsessed”

guys, i’m 12

just in case you couldn’t tell that i get obsessed with things like a handi tween, i do.

that’s why it’s taken me 2 weeks to tell you about how i met victoria legrand. of beach house. what happened is she pretty much told me my fortune “Jo. That’s a strong name. I can tell you’re a powerful person in your universe. You tell people what to do. Your friends think you’re funny… You are the best part of the day.” what? yeah. and then we took this,

and then she said, “I look at your face and that’s just how I feel… that you’re the best part of the day.” and i couldn’t even talk back to her.  vic also loves my cute cousin kelsey. she loves the young uns.

as if i needed to be MORE obsessed with beach house.

btw, v legrand’s got some important style tips as well:
1. amass an impressive collection of double breasted blazers, preferably in black, white, and black & white (also see above).
1b. share them with shy guitar players. (there is one i know for sure they both wear.)
2. grow you hair longer and curlier and bigger and never cut it, except for that secret shaved part underneath it all like when you were in junior high.
2b. flail it around a lot.

for the record, i will totally say that teen dream is the best album of the last 3 years.

ps. jay-z & beyonce love beach house too.

arcade fire will screw with your head

Probably you’ve seen the new Arcade Fire video for “We Used To Wait” by now. The thing about this video is that when you know it’s an interactive experiment in Chrome, and that it Google Mapses your childhood address, you can kind of guess what will happen. But it ends up being so much more than the sum of its parts. I used my last home in NYC, and my California home from high school, which were quite different but both intense experiences. The video is sort of a blank slate for whatever you’ve got brewing up inside relating to whatever old home you choose, and then the song itself just pulls it right out of you. The best music is able to pull things out of you, and Arcade Fire always does. And now with this video, the experience of listening to music has changed.  They have actually created a personalized visualization of what I’ve always known music could do, which kind of blows my mind.

And just in time, The Drums covered AF.

The Drums – “We Used To Wait” (Arcade Fire) by Some Kind of Awesome

I have some things to say about The Drums too… next.

ashley is the only person who understands me in this life

i know because she gave me this.

so maybe all we care about is chromeo. so what.


it’s late and i need to sleep but i just wanted to say hi. hi, internets. sometimes you break my heart. i hope tomorrow you decide to play nice.

so guess what. i went to pittsburgh. you should read about it at suppose. (but don’t look at my hideous hair. it’s cut now.) then i went to chicago and wisconsin. for the record, madison wisconsin is totally dope. next, oc. then lalalondon.

i’m just putting it out there that i am rooting for kupono on sytycd. also, you should watch southland. it’s super intense and the best cop show in years. and especially interesting having grown up watching the l.a. news every night. plus little ryan atwood is grown up all strong and protecting you with a gun.

being about to sleep and all, there are no mp3s or even links here, but you should still totally listen to
the new phoenix
the kitsune maison 7 mix
and some other stuff that maybe i’ll blog about later.

just because i don’t blog doesn’t mean i don’t miss you.