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black light dinner party


some people say only 13 year-olds listen to yelle

yeah i WISH i had yelle at 13.  it’s just a little bit more fun to dance to than wilson phillips.

but at least i’m in good company. nathan barnatt likes yelle. oh wait, have i not told you about my obsession with njb? start by watching this:

then see this, and then i dare you to stop.

whoever can arrange my meeting with him ending in a successful marriage can have our firstborn. secondborn too if you arrange for yelle to play at the wedding.

john hughes vs nintendo

how adorable

new tdcc video

does this creep out anyone else

because it feels so autobiographical? i mean, i get heart palpitations as the number of unread posts on my feed reader goes higher and higher .

just making sure.

everyone’s seen this, right? a-trak & armand van helden?

see if you can name all the special appearances. obviously the most important is a-trak’s brother and my favorite jew, dave 1 of chromeo.

every post here could be called, “i’m obsessed”

my brother is responsible for this pork ballad

yes he is. i’m just so proud.

{directed by Jared Hess}

and another

ashley is the only person who understands me in this life

i know because she gave me this.

so maybe all we care about is chromeo. so what.

you’d think this was a jack white fan blog

I Cut Like A Buffalo
Directed by Jack White

For a second this makes me want to watch “Help!” and then for a second Jack reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic.