stuff to love this week


some people say only 13 year-olds listen to yelle

yeah i WISH i had yelle at 13.  it’s just a little bit more fun to dance to than wilson phillips.

but at least i’m in good company. nathan barnatt likes yelle. oh wait, have i not told you about my obsession with njb? start by watching this:

then see this, and then i dare you to stop.

whoever can arrange my meeting with him ending in a successful marriage can have our firstborn. secondborn too if you arrange for yelle to play at the wedding.

i want to join your cult from the future

Whoever, if not just the band themselves, styled this photo of Architecture in Helsinki, they sure made me ready to run away and live in basement where these guys tell me stories from the future all night long.

especially if we get to listen to them play too. the new single from their upcoming album is my latest obsession. it defies the dregs of winter out there and makes me ready for spring.

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High

those suburbs ppl

the grammy’s attempt to stay relevant last week apparently had lots of people really confused and pissed off.  which results in having me really really entertained.

you will be so happy too if you visit and don’t miss the rant about kanye jumping on the “arcadia” bandwagon. he’s already had bon iver, so the question is just, would arcade fire ever say yes to kanye?

we all know the grammy’s are totally pointless, but still, arcade fire so deserves the win.

john hughes vs nintendo

“the white stripes do not belong to meg and jack anymore. the white stripes belong to you now.”

there are few sadder days at mtm than the day the ws break up. (did i ever tell you about that dream i had once where jack had to yell at me, “you don’t own me!”) but jack says don’t be sad. yes, jack.

mp3: The White Stripes – Hand Springs

how adorable

new tdcc video

does this creep out anyone else

because it feels so autobiographical? i mean, i get heart palpitations as the number of unread posts on my feed reader goes higher and higher .

through the night

been using Cut Copy‘s new album Zonoscope like a drug these last few days.

and now my most favoritest dj has gotten his hands on them:
Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Mylo Remix)

speaking of mylo, excuse me? howabout this for making you wish his next album would be out asap.
Robyn – Don’t F*ing Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)

thanks 2010, for renewing my faith in wasting a ridiculous amount of time and money on music

2010 doesn’t feel finished without some sort of “most heard songs in 2010 mix.” after all, i am one to get fixated and put em on repeat, and the year is defined in those moods. so here.

you might notice a bit of a bias toward:
what i can love that old people also might not hate (half of my listening is done in my shop)
bands with boys i have crushes on
not minding if something wasn’t released in 2010
cee lo

and now, in alphabetical order, more than milk’s most heard songs in 2010:
(download the whole mix here)

1901 (L’Aiglon Remix) – Phoenix
because it’s nice to remember you love phoenix
10 Mile Stereo – Beach House
because you have to fall asleep to something
Alley Cats – Hot Chip
because dance music can still be tender
Artsy Remix – EdIT
because it’s like you’ve heard it before
Atlas (The Time and Space Remix) – Fanfarlo
because someone soundtracking twilight really knows what they’re doing
Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson & The Business INTL
because you just can’t help it
Best Friend – The Drums
because easy music can be good too
Blue Blood Blues – The Dead Weather
because jack white 4eva
Boyfriend – Best Coast
because they’d make real good girlfriends for the drums
Brackett, W9 – Bon Iver
because gahhh
Buffalo – The Phoenix Foundation
because new zealanders make music too
Chacerera – Jenny & Johnny
because jenny lewis still writes about depression the best
Crash Years – The New Pornographers
because i secretly hope an old lady will ask me who’s playing
Cry Baby – Cee Lo Green
because nobody makes breakup songs like this anymore
Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
because james murphy knows the proper arc of a dance song. make it break!
Dream About Changing – Sally Seltmann
because aw she’s shy
Dreamin’ – Feldberg
because what is up with her voice?
Excuses – Morning Benders
because of nerds and despite reese’s commercials
Faded High – Gayngs
because Justin Vernon should start 5 more bands
Faker – Miike Snow
because everyone’s a faker
Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
because i still don’t understand how ima robot became this
I Can Talk (Moulinex Remix)
because more remixes!
I Think UR A Contra – Vampire Weekend
because they’ll never play it live since it’s the 13 yr old’s least favorite
Islands – The XX
because it makes your brain feel goooood
Just Dial My Number – Jeremy Jay
because we always need more music safe for the general public
Kitty Cat – Jim Noir
because it’s like sesame street 1979
Lewis Takes Action – Owen Pallett
because if i was an orchestra teacher i’d make the kids play this
Love Me – Justin Bieber
because just try it! you’ll like it. the cardigans better get good checks for this
Madder Red – Yeasayer
because we sung this in the car. a lot.
Marchin In – Lo-Fi-Fnk
because LFF official leak day is like Christmas
Marrow – St. Vincent
because it’s pretty AND creepy
Maybe so, Maybe no – Mayer Hawthorne
because hello, boyfriend
Modern Man – Arcade Fire
because i couldn’t choose all 16
Night by Night – Chromeo
because hello, other boyfriend
No Dice – Beirut
because it should probably go in my movie
None of Dem – Robyn ft. Röyksopp
because of scandinavians
Odessa – Caribou
because i never got further than track 1
On Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz
because they still got it
ONE – Yeasayer
because this video was on repeat for abt 2 months
Open Up The Sky – Shy Child
because, oh i give up
Pyromilitia – Theophilus London
because he snagged ezra koenig just right
Qui Est Cette Fille? – Yelle
because my french girl pop idol covering my swedish girl pop idol is what?!?
Roslyn – Bon Iver & St. Vincent
because it killlls
Satisfied – Cee Lo Green
because for this his daughter probably did deserve that super sweet 16
Shyness – Thieves Like Us
because had to make it a theme
Solo – Chew Lips
because something about it hurts your ears but you like it
Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)
because I CAN’T STOP
Take It Easy – Surfer Blood
because faux surfer music became so not lame
Temazcal – Monsters of Folk
because of jess who, thank goodness, reminds me about stuff like this
Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
because someone had to listen to this every single time he brushed his teeth
Throwing Stones – Shout Out Louds
because we haven’t reached our swedish quota
Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
because i’m pretty ok with sufjan’s use of technology
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Mix) – Grizzly Bear
because it can make everything all better
We Don’t Want Your Body – Stars
because you can giggle secretly
What Part of Forever – Cee Lo Green
because you’ll cry. and at least this one came from a different album than his rest
World Sick – Broken Social Scene
because i’ll forgive them for making me forget i ever saw them live

thanks, 2010, for making me feel like i loved music enough to keep more than milk alive.