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caster blaster

i crush on ira glass as much as the next person, but he’s kinda slid down the list, and glynn washington is moving up.


my conversational skills might be lacking because i talk as much about stuff i hear in podcasts as about stuff that happens in real life. if you all listened to those same podcasts we can all talk about stuff that’s not from real life together.

my stitcher app tells me i’ve listened to 734 episodes and 279 hours. and that’s all when i’m not listening to game of thronesi feel like i have to justify this by telling you that i’m not just sitting around listening to this stuff. it’s all done while i get ready in the morning and when i work on the longarm quilting machine.

my podcast listening life started with the basics like”this american life,” “stuff you should know” and “the moth” and expanded from there. these days i prefer to use stitcher, which let’s you create favorites lists and stream the podcasts, rather than subscribing in itunes. that way i don’t have to deal with the clutter of all those files, and it’s just so easy to manage and reliable. here is what currently satiates my constant need to be info-fed. seriously, it’s bad. it’s like audio-information is the new lullaby.

fave podcasts
Culture Gabfest – 3 topics from pop culture each week
Snap Judgement – “storytelling. with a beat.” pretty much.
Radiolab – anything vaguely scienceish, or curious, as they’d say.
Freakonomics – anything, from an economics bent. hinges on curosity like radiolab.
Lexicon Valley – on language, more exploratory than prescriptive
99% Invisible – design & architecture related
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – news via quiz show with funny people, perhaps mo rocca if you’re lucky.
How To Do Everything – 2 of the wait wait producers being clever and answering questions about how to do stuff.

not quite fave podcasts
wnyc’s soundcheck
studio 360
apm: marketplace
on the media
stuff you missed in history class

none of this stuff is very out there, maybe you already listen to all of it. and there aren’t really sewing/quilting or music podcasts on here, which is odd since those are the things i spend so much of my time and thought on. as it turns out those feel kind of tedious to listen to. maybe my absorption style of that kind of info is too frenetic.

so, one person who reads this blog, what podcasts am i missing out on?

btw, this is what i’m listening to today.